Counselling Central and North-West London

Welcome to my central London counselling practice

I believe that most of us experience a point in our lives when we encounter such emotional distress that we become stuck. We are unable to work out for ourselves how to make sense of the situation, how and why it has occured and more importantly how to make the right decisions.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a non-judgemental talking therapy which enables you to have the support to guide you forward. Please be assured that everything that you say will be in confidence.

Counselling provides the opportunity to process your issues. It facilitates change. I can help you to find your own resources to do this. I am here to listen, support and guide you through the strategies for change. I do not tell you what you must do, but work with you so that you can see the possibilities for change for yourself. When this is not possible, then we work to find a way of accepting and letting go of something that just cannot be altered, maybe just for now or perhaps forever.


You can read on my Background page about how I was trained and have worked with the bereaved. There are so many agendas pertaining to how,where and why people die and what they leave in their wake. Sometimes talking in counselling about the departed can be a comfort. Unexpected feelings of anger, rage, or despair are just a few of the feelings to be discussed and sometimes just admitting the relief can give you the space to enjoy life again.There is no set time when grieving is over. Some people can manage and get on with their lives, but for others it can take a long time and many issues have to be resolved. Coping with loneliness can have a devasting effect on some people and learning how to manage to fit in again on one's own can feel quite terrifying. In situations of death by suicide it can be very difficult to comprehend. Sometimes it is difficult to talk to friends or family even about the feeings you have,but taking the time you need to work it through in counselling can feel the only safe place.


We talk of partners and relationships, but relationships can be how children relate to parents and members of the family and how in turn, they feel parents and family relate to them. The learned behaviour weaves its way into behaviour with friends, strangers, work and work colleagues without us being aware of the effects of our role model. Together we can look at this and my purpose, as in all other agendas, is to help you see what is going on, using your own inner strength to achieve your fullest potential.


I have an in depth understanding of business having worked in it for many years prior to counselling. Today's world of business and commerce appears more frenetic, packed with uncertainties regarding expectations, redundancies and retirement. There is a fear of disclosing these thoughts within a work atmosphere, and a reluctance to give more stress to one's family.

Men can find retirement daunting. Often they have not prepared for it and too much time on their hands can be distressing, together with the sudden loss of identity. Being able to talk about this and find strategies to cope can be very helpful.

W1 and NW11

Working in central London, so conveniently placed for transport, can be useful for business people wanting an appoitment before or after work. Although the same can apply to NW11, I can be more flexible with with times in W1. For more information about referring yourself and where I am, please look at my Contact page.

Following on from 20 years in the NHS and privately, covering a very wide range of issues and in many surgeries, I now work only privately. Do look at my How I Work page.

My approach is down to earth, warm and clear. I personalise the therapy in accordance with the needs of the client,making sure that the client is comfortable with this approach and feels safe and secure. You, the client bring the agenda and set the pace you wish to work with. You are always in control. I work with your issues in both short and long term therapy.

Contact me

It is easy to contact me either by email or by phone (0207 724 2191, mobile 07817322515). I'm happy to discuss any questions you may have, or make an appointment for you.